House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) told reporters Thursday President Trump won’t be acquitted in the impeachment trial if it doesn’t include witnesses and documentation.

The Senate vote on calling witnesses is expected by Friday.

A reporter asked Pelosi, “When this is over, do you think that President Trump will be chastened and understand that he’s got Congress watching him? Or will he be emboldened because the Senate will have aquitted him?”

“He will not be acquitted. He cannot be acquitted if you don’t have a trial. If you don’t have a trial, if you don’t have witnesses and documentation and that. I would hope that the senators, if it comes to a tie or if there’s a question of hearing testimony or receiving documents would leave it up to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Republican-appointed in a Republican Majority court. I would think that they would have confidence in the Chief Justice of the United States, that is really his title,” replied the House Speaker.

Pelosi went on to say she doesn’t believe President Trump “knows right from wrong” and is “emulating a French king who says ‘l’état c’est moi,’ the state is me.” She also mentioned she prays the Senators will have “courage to handle the truth, rather than blocking the truth.”

The House Speaker claimed they did their jobs by bringing a “strong case” against Trump and no matter what “he will be impeached forever.”