White House Counsel Pat Cipollone told senators all they need is “the Constitution and common sense” to make their decision, and urged them to consider the lasting impact of their decision, in his closing argument on Tuesday.

Cipollone also asked them to look back to the words of the past by showing old clips of Democrats speaking during President Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

Clips of Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-NY), Rep. Zoe Lofgreen (D-CA), Senator Edward Markey (D-MA), Senator Bob Mendez (D-NJ), and Senator Chuck Schummer (D-NY) denouncing the use of impeachment as a tool.

“You were right,” Cipollone declared. “But I’m sorry to say you were also prophetic.”

Cipollone told the Senate they are being asked to “throw out a successful president” without any basis violates the Constitution, and would weaken all the democratic institutions.

“Why tear up every ballot?” asked Cipollone.

He closed by requesting the Senate to allow the American people choose their president in the upcoming election, and warned that “overturning the last election” would cause “serious and lasting damage” to our country and its citizens.

“We urge the Senate to reject the articles of impeachment for all the reasons we’ve given you,” he stated.

“It’s a republic if you can keep it,” Cipollone said, quoting Benjamin Franklin.

Cipollone stated to reject the articles of impeachment would show the Senate upholds the Constitution above partisanship, and allow them to spend their energy and resources to do the job Americans elected them to do.