James O’Keefe of Project Veritas released part 2 of #Expose2020 on Wednesday.

In part one, Bernie Sanders’ campaign staff member Kyle Jurek warned an undercover journalist that cities will burn if Trump wins in 2020, and promised extreme violence if Sanders doesn’t get the Democratic nomination.

In the second video, Jurek stated, “I’m an anarchy-communist. So, I’m as far to the lest as you can possibly get…” Jurek mentioned the names of four other campaign staffers who “are definitely further left than the Democratic Socialists.”

“There’s a lot of me’s in the Bernie campaign,” admitted Jurek, who was identified as a top tier campaign organizer for Sanders’ campaign.

Jurek believes people who are against Sanders are the enemies and should be jailed, “re-educated,” or even killed. He also mentioned taking part in Antifa protests and said there are probably Antifa members in Sanders campaign.


A Project Veritas journalist went to Jurek’s office to check to see if he was terminated as a result of the things he was recorded saying. He is still employed there.


It’s hard to believe that other campaign staffers were not be aware of Jurek’s extreme views that he freely shared with the undercover journalist.

Some of Sanders’ campaign staff members shut down their social media accounts after the Project Veritas #Expose2020 video was released on Monday.