Monday night, the Trump rally in Rio Rancho, New Mexico attracted over 20,000 people. The state may be Democratic, but the Santa Ana Star Center was a sea of red with nearly every attendee wearing MAGA hats, Trump t-shirts, and waving flags. Traffic was backed up for miles, and parking spots were filled hours before the 95-minute Trump rally began.

The crowd waited for Trump to take the stage as they shouted “USA, USA!” President Trump told the audience, “It’s been quite a while since a Republican won this state. I think we’re going to do great here. We’re here because we really think we’re going to turn this state and make it a Republican state.”

“Latinos for Trump” signs were seen in the crowd of people cheering, when Trump announced, “We love our Hispanics.”

New Mexico hasn’t voted for Republican since 1992, and Trump lost New Mexico by 8 points to Hillary Clinton in 2016. But from the looks of the Monday’s crowd, the Land of Enchantment could be red in 2020!

Las Cruces Sun News reported the planned protest scheduled for the rally was canceled as “the capacity for the Santa Ana Star Center was raised to about 9,000 for the rally” and “another 6,000 were expected to watch the rally on jumbo screen outside.”

This is the view from the overflow crowd watching President Trump on the jumbo screen outside.

Sante Fe New Mexican’s cover read “Painting N.M. Red.”