Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau endured a humiliating moment at the G20 Summit again. Watching Justin Trudeau attempt to interact with world leaders at the G20 Summit is like watching a lonely child on their first day at school trying to make some new friends but can’t seem to fit in. Coincidently, this is not Trudeau’s first time to be in an awkward situation.

Here’s the embarrassing clip of Trudeau getting snubbed by Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro that’s making its rounds on Twitter. Trudeau must have been very uncomfortable with the seating arrangement as he was sitting right next to Chinese President Xi Jinping. The tension between Canada and China are at an all-time high.

Remember when President Trump shook every world leaders’ hand at the G20 Summit except Trudeau’s in 2018?

Another very awkward moment caught on video clip of Trudeau walking into the G20 Summit in 2017. He just doesn’t seem to fit in.

Check out this clip of poor Justin Trudeau standing alone as all the world leaders ignored him in 2017.

Maybe Trudeau needs some breathmints?