The healthcare system of the state of California is about to be overwhelmed as the cases of coronavirus infections continue to pile up because of Thanksgiving gatherings. The top executives of the biggest hospital in the state issued a call for residents to avoid the same thing happening over the Christmas holidays.

According to reports, hospital staff members are now being asked into services that are beyond the normal duties they perform. Some patients are also being kept in hallways and even conference rooms simply because there are no spaces available. Officials offered what they termed as a “prescription” to prevent the further spread of the virus. Their marketing campaign dubbed “Don’t share your air” is aimed at informing people about the importance of staying away from people who live in different households.

There are a lot of California residents who did not follow the advice during Thanksgiving to refrain from meeting with their families. That’s partly because Democratic officials like Governor Newsom have failed to set examples by violating their own lockdown rules.

“We simply will not be able to keep up if the COVID surge continues to increase,” Kaiser Permanente chairman and CEO Greg Adams stated. “We’re at or near capacity everywhere.”

Dr. Stephen Parodi, The Permanente Medical Group’s associate executive director said, “We are really making a clarion and desperate call to Californians to not repeat what happened at Thanksgiving. Our hospital systems cannot afford to see another increase like we saw with Thanksgiving.”

The spike in the number of cases comes in the midst of the initial distribution of vaccines for the coronavirus. The vaccines are being distributed nationwide now. It is up to the state officials to decide who should be prioritized. Leftists and activists are already campaigning that persons who are incarcerated and illegal aliens should be prioritized in getting the vaccine.