Supporters of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris took to the streets of New York and Washington D.C. to celebrate after the mainstream corporate media allies of the Democrats declared them as the winners of the recently-concluded elections. The leftists did not show any fear of the coronavirus, which supposedly prevented them from voting in person as they celebrated without social distancing.

People started popping bottles of champagne in the street and smoking marijuana out in the open. There were a lot of people who shared scenes of celebration on social media. “The crowd outside the White House singing Sweet Caroline. It smells like pot, and there are bottles of champagne popping,” one Twitter user said.

In New York City, people began making noises by honking their car horns and beating pans when the mainstream media made their premature announcement of Biden’s victory to delegitimize the President’s protests and allegations of voter fraud.

One Twitter user posted about the scene in New York, “I was sleeping and woke up to roaring cheers and banging pots and pans in upper Manhattan looked at my phone and see that news outlets, including @NBCNews, project Joseph R. Biden has won the presidency. This is the scene right now.”

Times Square was also filled with people who are waving flags. President Donald Trump has not conceded, although he has fallen behind some key states after some suspicious activities during the counting. There have been numerous allegations of voter fraud all over the country, but the mainstream media has chosen to ignore that and has rushed in to proclaim Biden as the winner.

The leftists now celebrating in the streets seem to have forgotten about their fear for the coronavirus. The same people who have alleged that it would be too dangerous to vote in person are out in the streets in the middle of crowds of people and not social distancing at all.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer joined crowds in Brooklyn to celebrate which just proves that the fear of the virus they pushed is just a lie that they created to ensure that mail-in voting will be allowed. There is plenty of anecdotal evidence that massive voter fraud has been conducted through mail-in voting but the mainstream media is not reporting that at all.

Social media platforms and tech giants are also censoring any news or content casting doubt on the legitimacy of the recently-concluded elections.