Failed presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren said on Monday that President Donald Trump declined to face Biden in a second debate because he is a “chicken.” The senator made that claim on the relatively unknown talk show “The Real.”

“You said you think that’s the reason Trump canceled is that he had COVID. I don’t know. I don’t have any inside information,” Warren said. “But I got to tell you, my first thought, ” Warren added, then she made a clucking sound and added, “you know, a total chicken.”

Warren had more to say about the debate. “He knows that he just got spanked in that first debate. And he got out there, and he blustered, and he strutted around. And a lot of Americans who might’ve been on the fence, who might’ve supported him the last time around, said, ‘I’m done with this guy.’ So I think that is the main reason he didn’t show up.”

Like other Democrats and their allies in the mainstream media, Warren is pushing the idea that Biden actually defeated the President during the first debate. While he did not have a complete meltdown during the debate, which is something that a few observers were expecting because of the frequent exhibitions of cognitive decline that he has been showing, he did so poorly during the debate that if it were not for the fact that the moderator was obviously biased in his favor, the former vice president would have made a complete fool of himself.

The organizers of the second debate were pushing for it to become virtual, citing health issues but the President refused. The second debate moderator, Steve Scully, is a known friend of Biden and former intern. He was also caught asking for advice from Scaramucci, a fierce critic of the President on Twitter, which he later claimed was a post by someone who hacked his account. Eventually, the debate was just canceled because it has been exposed to be a sham and that it has all been set up against President Trump.

The way that Warren claims Biden was the winner of that debate is just characteristic of how all the Democrats are so detached from reality.