In a report from Breitbart News, the media outlet claimed that Sen. Kamala Harris had refused to give the death penalty to an MS-13 gang member who killed a father and his two sons, during her stint as a San Francisco District Attorney.

The incident happened in 2008, when 48-year-old Anthony Bologna and his three sons—20-year-old Michael, 18-year-old Andrew, and 16-year-old Matthew, were on their way home from a family barbeque. During the drive, Edwin Ramos, a member of the notorious MS-13 gang, opened fire.

The gunman had killed Anthony, and his two sons, Michael and Matthew. According to the Prosecutors, Ramos had mistaken the Bologna family for a rival gang. Ramos also revealed that he had a long history of arrests and convictions from violent crimes. However, San Francisco’s sanctuary city policy prevented Ramos from being turned over to federal authorities for deportation. At that time, Harris was working as the San Francisco District Attorney. She then moved up the ranks to becoming a California Attorney General.

Eventually, the gunman was charged with three counts of murder. The Bologna’s matriarch, Danielle, publicly pleaded with Harris to impose the death penalty for the death of her family members. “The district attorney really needs to pay attention—she doesn’t have kids, she doesn’t know what this means,” Danielle said. She explained that it would serve as a reminder for criminals that they cannot hurt and kill families for no reason at all. The matriarch, who was left to raise a daughter and her son alone, clamored that the city had to stop protecting criminals by making excuses. “This is not her family; this is my family,” she added.

Danielle also cried over the violence and lawlessness that the city had seen. She declared that the situation “had gone too far’, yet there was “nothing getting done” to resolve the crimes. Out of her desperation, the mother asked why Harris won as the District Attorney when she is unable to bring justice to the community.

Before the gruesome incident, Harris stated that she did not want to seek the death penalty as a district Attorney. Despite Danielle’s public pleas, her statements had fallen on deaf ears as Harris refused to seek the death penalty for Ramos, a year and three months after the Bologna murders. This is in spite of the fact that there had been overwhelming evidence to prove that Ramos should qualify for the death penalty, which includes clear premeditation. Instead, the gunman only received three life terms in prison without the possibility of parole.

As a result, Harris’s decision had devastated the surviving family members. The family’s spokesperson claimed that Danielle did not just lose her family; she was also forced to move to protect her remaining family members. The spokesman concluded, “With this decision, it will just never end.”

While the then-District Attorney refused to grant the family a sense of justice, she had no problem changing her stand when running for the state’s Attorney-general. In her bid, Harris declared that she would impose the death penalty if she is to win the position. Moreover, Harris had even defended the cause of the death penalty in court in 2014.