On Sunday, radical left-wing lawmaker Rep. Ilhan Omar declared that President Donald Trump is a “super spreader” of the COVID-19 virus and had it on full display in his “cult-rallies.”

In her interview for left-wing media MSNBC, television host Jonathan Capehart asked Omar about her take on the September 30, MAGA rally, where 19 people had tested positive from COVID-19 following Trump’s recent diagnosis. “Are you satisfied with the information that’s coming out of the White House, particularly from the president’s doctor, about the president’s health?” Capehart asked Omar.

The lawmaker responded that she is still not satisfied with the answer and statements provided by the White House. Omar even questioned the President’s diagnosis, especially since several Democratic figures such as Joy Reid remained doubtful. In fact, Dems criticized that Trump was not sick and that it was just a part of his ploy to earn sympathy from voters. The lawmaker continued by saying that she’s also not sure whether the President had indeed tested negative from the COVID-19 virus and that it is safe for him to continue his rallies. “He prepares to reassume his cult rallies that have now become super-spreaders,” Omar said.

To prove her point, Omar claimed that on Saturday, the President held an indoor press conference at the Rose Garden. Omar believed that holding indoor events would increase the risk of people contracting COVID-19 infection. Omar said that such decisions speak of Trump’s incompetence and negligence in handling the outbreak, especially when safety concerns should primarily come from the White House. The lawmaker added that Trump had damaged the “trust” of the American people.

However, it seemed that Democrats are now changing their tactic. Both the World Health Organization and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, had moved on from blaming Trump for failing to issue a nationwide economic shut-down to questioning his decision to shut down the economy. In fact, Biden denied that he supported a nationwide economic shutdown.

Last month, Omar had also hit back against Trump’s remarks. In his previous remarks, the President questioned Omar’s Somali’s roots after the FBI launched an investigation of possible fraud. Moreover, the President also claimed that the radical-left wing Democrat dictated how he should run the country.

In her response, the lawmaker lashed out by accusing the President of being “racist.” The radical lawmaker also claimed that Trump loves to “prey” on people’s fear. She explained that aside from infecting people with the COVID-19 virus, the President also continued to spread “hate.” Omar continued that Trump was so desperate to win his re-election that he had to resort to instilling fear among the people of Minnesota.

She also described Trump as “xenophobic.” Omar believed that Trump is not just against immigration, but as well as against immigrants like her.