On Tuesday, former First Lady Michelle Obama made an all-out attack on President Donald Trump with accusations that the “racist” commander-in-chief called out fallen American soldiers as “suckers and losers.”

In a campaign video for former Vice President and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, Obama relieved previous accusations that the President had called fallen war soldiers as “suckers and losers.” In her closing argument, Obama claimed that while American patriots were called to serve the country, Trump instead “calls them suckers and losers and publicly mocks Gold Star families and prisoners of war.”


The former First Lady was referring to a fake report from the Atlantic, which claimed that based on unnamed sources, the President called out fallen American soldiers as “suckers and losers.” The media outlet also accused Trump of skipping his visit to the cemetery because he did not want to get his hair wet.

However, the people who were with the President during the said event disputed the claims. These include former national security adviser, John Bolton, and Deputy White House Chief of Staff Zach Fuentes.

In the same video, Obama also attacked Trump as she continued to defend the Black Lives Matter movement. In the video, Obama began by describing the BLM as an “overwhelmingly peaceful” movement. She also claimed that the violent incidents were only a fraction of the entire demonstrations.

Obama continued that instead of encouraging the movement, Trump and “his allies” launched a misinformation campaign to tap into the collective frustration and “distract”’ the country from the real problem. The former First Lady continued that the President might be pinning the blame on BLM activists on the recent riots and violence that had erupted across the country. She went on to declare that the administration had capitalized on the violence and destruction by stoking fear among local residents.

“And one thing this president is really good at is using fear and confusion and spreading lies to win,” Obama declared. The former First Lady then seemed to refer to a Princeton study which suggests that only a small fraction of BLM protests were violent. However, it is quite notable that the same study cited that Democratic protesters were 570 times more violent in 220 locations across the country.

Obama went on to say that Trump’s action is both “patently false” and “morally wrong,” even adding that it is also “racist.” The former First Lady also warned Democrats that while Trump is feeding lies to the American people, it does not necessarily mean that “it won’t work.” The former First Lady said that often when lies and even “conspiracy theories” are being repeated, people would tend to accept it as the truth. She also lamented that with all the things that the country is going through, most Americans do not have the time to fact-check whether the President’s comments were accurate. She even noted that because of Trump’s lies, even reasonable people might get scared.