Black Lives Matter activists are reportedly segregating their demonstrations by race. This comes after the activists gathered yet again to protest in the city. Activists have been gathering in the city for over a week now to protest the death of Daniel Prude. The unrest was triggered by the release of the video of Prude’s arrest on the streets. Prude ran naked in the streets of the city and caused a great deal of disturbance earlier this year. When cops confronted him, he started to spit on them. This forced the police officers to use a spit hood on him. Later on, he died in the hospital.

It should be noted that the use of the spit hood is SOP for cops dealing with unruly suspects. It is a form of protection in case this suspect is infected with a disease. Prude’s death was an accident but as the death of George Floyd or the shooting in Rochester, it will still be used by BLM activists to push for their own agenda. It doesn’t matter to them if Prude was acting in a way that can endanger the lives of the police and other people.

The BLM is pushing another of its initiatives in the protests in Rochester which is racial segregation. Reporter Elijah Schaffer shared the incident on Twitter:

“BLM protesters have begun segregating protesters

They made a “black only” section to resolve disputes,

then walked up to white people and told us only black people were allowed in this section

One Antifa was confronted and commanded to leave since he wasn’t black,” he tweeted.

One white man was reportedly shouted at by BLM activists and told to “shut up.” The activists were threatening violence if their demands were not met. The BLM activists in Rochester are also advocating to defund the police.

It seems that if these Black Lives Matter activists have their way, they would opt to impose segregation in society. They are actually racists that they wouldn’t want anything to do with white people or other racists. They are literally going against the things that their ancestors have fought for but they are just too blind to see it.