Calling out the United States President Donald Trump as “racist” and a “white supremacist” is nothing new for Hollywood filmmaker Rob Reiner. In his latest tweet, Reiner claimed that in order for Trump to win, “white supremacists” must come together to prove that the country is racist.

In the latest social media post, Reiner, who is a notable Trump-critic, claimed that 56 days into the upcoming November 3 elections, he wrote that voters would prove him wrong whether there is “we’ll find out if there are enough White Supremacists in this country to elect a White Supremacist.”

This weekend, Reiner also claimed that the most important thing for Labor unions to accomplish is to unite and elect former Vice President and Democratic nominee, Joe Biden. Reiner even referred to him as a “working man’s friend,” while directors like him enjoy the lavish Hollywood lifestyle. He also reminded Americans that they only had a few days left before they can successfully oust Trump, whom he believed he’d a long “criminal record” of stifling worker’s rights.

However, before the coronavirus hit the country, Trump was able to cut unemployment at its lowest in nearly five decades, a feat that the Obama administration had failed miserably. To cite this in2019 alone, the administration was able to open 6.4 million jobs; that’s as big as the total number of population in Maryland. Even household unemployment also fell by 3.5 percent.

Reiner’s attack on the President had increased as the election period draws to a close. Last July, the filmmaker also called Trump a “stone-cold racist” and the same accusation of being “white supremacist.” He also warned that on election day, people will find out “how many racists live in America.”

The month before, Reiner also declared that anyone who votes for the President constitutes the definition of a “white supremacist.”

The President slapped back at his haters during the recent North Carolina rally. He claimed that if Biden won, the violence that has spread across American cities would continue. He warned that looters, arsonists, and gangs of radical left-wing activists would continue to dominate the streets.

He also touched on popular Democratic figures such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who accused a salon-owner of “setting her up” to offer the controversial salon fiasco. Moreover, Trump believed that Biden is “weak” and that his policies are geared toward “China.”