Vocal Trump critic and Hollywood director Michael Moore condoned former Vice-President and Democratic Nominee, Joe Biden, for courting “white racist redneck” voters after the nominee accepted the endorsement of former Republican Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder.

On Thursday, Snyder shared his support for Biden in an article for USA Today. The former Michigan Governor believed that Biden’s “strong moral character” can bring back a sense of “civility” in the country. The nominee’s campaign team immediately accepted Snyder’s endorsement, much to the director’s chagrin.

The filmmaker went on to accuse Biden of going after racist voters. In a social media post, the director wrote, “So the Biden campaign thought getting a few more White racist redneck votes in Michigan was more important than getting the Black vote in Flint?” He also asked Biden if he had gone “nuts” for prioritizing white racist voters over black voters. Moore then demanded Biden to apologize and retract his statement.

In an earlier post, Moore claimed that the campaign team was desperate to win voters in Flint. Rather than lose Michigan to President Donald Trump, the filmmaker claimed that Biden chooses to side with Snyder. The filmmaker also accused the former GOP governor of poisoning “Flint’s water,” which had left 10,000 children with permanent brain damage.

However, the vocal Trump critic clarified that he would continue to support Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party. In a side note, the director added that he would not lie when it comes to the fact that Biden’’s chance of winning the upcoming elections is getting narrower. Moore explained that while millions of Democratic supporters work hard to advocate against Trump, they cannot win if they also had to “fight the Party and the Campaign who seem to be stupidly working against us,” which suggests increasing tension in the left-wing party.

Moore had also attempted to sound the alarm and raise concerns that Trump continues to close the recent polls gap and demands that people wake up and do the means necessary to oust the President. Previously, the filmmaker was an avid supporter of two-time failed Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders.