Rashida Tlaib had a meltdown on Thursday after reports came out that authorities have handcuffed a paralyzed Jacob Blake to his hospital bed. She voiced out her hatred for a system “where the perpetrators of attempted murder get to handcuff their victim.” She came to the conclusion that the system cannot be reformed. “How the f**k do you handcuff Jacob Blake that you paralyzed to a hospital bed after you shot him in the back seven times?” She asked.

“I oppose a system where the perpetrators of attempted murder get to handcuff their victim. No system should have this much power,” she posted on Twitter and added, “You can’t reform this”

Blake’s father revealed that his son has been handcuffed to the hospital bed. “I hate it that he was laying in that bed with the handcuff onto the bed,” he said. “He can’t go anywhere. Why do you have him cuffed to the bed?” Blake’s father said. The spokesman for Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department has said that the reason why Blake has been handcuffed to his bed was that he was under an active arrest warrant during the incident which led to his shooting.

“Jacob Blake has felony warrants for his arrest from crimes he committed prior to the shooting incident,” the spokesman explained. “Anyone with this classification level that we are guarding in the hospital would be treated in this manner,” he added. Handcuffing is standard operating procedure when dealing with violent individuals like Blake. Another reason why the handcuff is required is to prevent him from escaping with help from others.

As usual, Tlaib is speaking about a subject that she has no knowledge of. If she had some ideas about the procedures of American police officers then she would know that Blake is not being treated any differently from any other violent offender. But Tlaib has not shown any desire to learn about the American system. She got herself elected more as a representative of Palestinians rather than the Americans who live within her district. She has consistently expressed anti-American ideas together with the rest of the so-called “Squad”. Leftists like her are the ones supporting the rioters who are burning down the cities of America.