In a report from Breitbart News London, a protester urged the public to “get rid of the white man” as well as to destroy social structures by killing the rich.

The demonstrator discussed the growing issue of race and privilege in the Black Lives Matter protest, which took place over the weekend. In his speech, the man began by saying that they could not separate the black issue with the LGBTQ issue and treat them separately. He claimed that people should look at the “intersectionality” of such conversations.

He then went on to claim that the main point of intersectionality is quite simple,” It means recognizing that there is one common enemy: the white man. And the systems that they use are capitalism, patriarchy, and fascism.” The man continued by using the white man as the sole reason for societal evils to exist. He believes that the problems the world is facing today “were created and perpetuated by white men for white men in the interest of white men.”

The man claimed that once society was able to understand that the world has one common enemy, the “army” becomes bigger. He then concluded that “we need to get rid of them. I mean, how do we do that – eat them? Kill the rich.”

During the entire length of his speech, the man also launched an anti-Semitic attack against Israel by throwing a conspiracy theory that they wanted to take everything. He cited that the situation in Yemen had become increasingly dire that 20 million people, a majority of which were children continue to live in extreme hunger and poverty. The man went on to claim that Israel had deliberately removed Palestine from the digital map, including iPhone, Android, and Google.

The growing tension and violence among protesters have extended, even among Democrats who supported the movement. On Wednesday night, liberal Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler was humiliated and ridiculed after he tried to show his support for the demonstrators. Wheeler decided to visit downtown Portland near the Justice Center, where most of the crowds were gathered. However, instead of being greeted with cheers and applause, far-left protesters threw in some nasty words as they chanted “F*** Ted Wheeler!’

The protesters were not content. They urged the mayor to resign, as they threw things at him, as well as aimed a leaf blower on his face. People claimed that Wheeler does not have a right to speak because he is a “fascist.”

The mayor complained that his throat hurt and that it had become difficult for him to breathe after he was tear gassed.

The attack came after the mayor sided with the protesters, while Trump had decided to issue a crackdown and finally put an end to the political unrest. The agents wore military attire, which was named the “Operation Diligent Valor,” a mission composed of 114 officers.