Sports teams are the latest to bow down before the leftist campaign to destroy or change all aspects of American life. The Cleveland Indians have announced that they will be reviewing their name. The professional baseball team, based in Cleveland, Ohio, has been around since 1915 but there is a growing campaign to correct all racial injustice in the past, which can sometimes overreach and so the name of the team is up for review.

“We are committed to making a positive impact in our community and embrace our responsibility to advance social justice and equality,” the team said through a statement. That announcement was made a few hours after another sports team with a “problematic” name for the leftists, the Washington Redskins made a similar decision.

Native American groups have been criticizing the name of the Redskins for a long time now but they only made the decision after corporate partners pressured the club to review its name, which will surely end with them changing it. The Indians have been called in the past to change its name but the protests following the death of George Floyd have increased the pressure. The decision is not surprising since many large companies are pandering to the fringe leftist groups calling for major changes in the American way of life.

Back in 2018, the Indians removed their mascot, which depicts a Native American chief from their jerseys although there is still some merchandise where the logo is depicted. The announcement of a review is unprecedented. The fact that they did not change it outright means that they are also worried about the possible backlash from the fans of the team, which can significantly hamper their revenue. Teams should be looking at these matters from a business perspective and not listen to the fringe leftists who are pushing for them to make the changes.

Big corporations are making the mistake of bowing down to the unreasonable demands of the leftists. They constitute a tiny minority of the population and most of the time they are not even customers of the companies they are criticizing. Yet they are obeying the wishes of ideologues. The worst example of this is how some brands are boycotting Facebook and want to censor conservatives that are using its platform. The companies are allowing their businesses to become the tools of the leftists to gain power.