In a viral Titok video, Harvard alum, Claira Janover, threatened that she would “stab” anyone who would claim that “all lives matter.” However, the so-called Asian Karen is starting to complain about the massive social media backlash that she had received from the viral video.

Janover had recently graduated from the prestigious Harvard University, with a degree in government and psychology. However, her viral TikTok video is proof that sometimes even the brightest minds might make the dumbest decisions. She lamented, “the nerve, the sheer entitled caucasity, to say ‘all lives matter.” She then put the phone closer to her face, saying that “I’ma stab you, and while you’re struggling and bleeding out, I’ma show you my paper cut and say, ‘My cut matters too.” She captioned the video with a warning that “for some legal reasons, this is a joke,” one that most people do not find funny.


Those who were not too happy with Janover’s video are political pundit Anne Coulter who called the Harvard alum the “Asian Karen.” On the other hand, social media users wanted to make her accountable and demanded her arrest. As one observer believed that despite her violent statements, Janover exemplifies the media bias simply because she fits into the left-wing narrative.

In a Twitter post, Janover complained about the threats that she had received regarding the incident. She began by saying that she was “truly baffled” by the fact that Republican supporters simply don’t get her joke. She added an insult, saying that they “lack intelligence and insight” to know whether she can be considered as a “real threat.”

She also blasted off all the threats that she had received, saying that people were threatening to kill, rape, expel, and even fire her from her work. However, Janover stood firm, saying that she refused to be “threatened into silence by bigoted Trump fans.”

After the incident, Janover revealed in a tearful video that she was fired from her job at Deloitte, a renowned UK-based accounting firm. She even went on to accuse the company of their failure to stand behind systemic racism after they vowed to promote racial equality.


Your scare tactics won’t work on me. always and forever, ##blacklivesmatter

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Other Black Lives Matter (BLM) activists are also going into drastic measures to generate media attention. In a video by Town Hall’s Julio Rosas, a scantily clad activist danced seductively in front of police officers at One Police Plaza in New York.

She also went to berate the officer as she took off her top and screamed that they couldn’t even “read a f*cking history book.” She also hurled more insults saying that a hairdresser has to study longer than most police officers. Watch:

As a response to the growing backlash on the “All Lives Matter” movement, USA Today reported that Walmart had announced that they will discontinue the sales of all their products, which bore the statement.