On Tuesday, MSNBC’s network national affairs analyst John Heilemann claimed that President Donald Trump represents “white nationalist grievance and resentment.”

Heilemann responded to Trump retweeting a MAGA supporter screaming the phrase “white power.” The national affairs analyst claimed that the tweet is not just “depressing,” but that it’s downright “boring.” He also went on to conclude that Trump is nothing but a “racist,” adding that “He’s been a racist his whole life.” Heilennman continued that the U.S. President is “the candidate of white nationalist grievance and resentment. That is what he is. That is what he will always be.”

The national affairs analyst also claimed that Trump’s tweet should not be considered news at all and that he only appeals to “white racial resentment” and “grievance and fear.” Heilemann also blasted Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign as a strategy that is entirely based on “desperation.” He claimed that Trump had lost a huge chunk of his support among suburbs, among which he claims as “respectable, moderate Republicans.” The MSNBC analyst also believed that Trump does not have a chance to win the Democratic vote, which had become normal among party affiliations.

He claimed that there is no way that Trump could expand his “coalition” and, in a desperate attempt, try to win among “white non-college voters” that did not vote for him in 2016. Such statements clearly suggested that Democrats have looked down on blue-collar workers in red states who had been largely affected by Democrat’ ‘s global market policies. Heilemann even claimed that “there are still millions of them,” and that it might lead him to gain 260 electoral votes. The analyst claimed that Trump continued to appeal to voters using a strategy that is “racist-based, resentment-based, grievance based appeals.”

However, GOP supporters are pushing back against the media bias and are now starting to question the Democratic Party’s very foundation. In fact, a Connecticut GOP called out left-wing politicians by issuing a resolution that demanded that the Democrats address years of “racial oppression” and “human rights” violations associated with their own party.

In a press statement, Connecticut GOP Chairman J.R. Romano said that it is important for every American citizen to recognize the Democrat’s long history of racism. This includes blocking the first attempt to ratify the 13th Amendment in 1863. They have also voted against the 14th Amendment, which provides legal citizenship for slaves, as well as instituting legislation from racist Democratic figures such as Jim Crow. Finally, they had also blocked the civil rights act in 1957. Even their nominee, Joe Biden, had made recent statements against the African-American community, which includes the “you ain’t black” remark against Charlamagne Tha God.

As Romana said, “To kill the serpent, you need to strike at the head.”