In a town hall for NBC News, presumptive Democratic Nominee, and former Vice President Joe Biden vowed that he would lift President Donald Trump’s moratorium on H-1B contract workers if he is to win the upcoming 2020 general elections.

On June 22, Trump signed an executive order which would expand the coverage of the green card ban as a way to deal with an ongoing job crisis. In fact, Trump’s executive order would protect at least 525,000 Americans from potentially losing their jobs. The ban would specifically target workers who are employed under big tech companies such as Amazon and Google.

Unfortunately, Biden promised that such policies “will not be in my administration.” He even had the audacity to claim that “The people coming on these [H-1B] visas have built this country.” As a response, policy director at NumbersUSA, Rosemary Jenks, blasted Sleepy Joe saying that “He said the H-1Bs built this country? So the country didn’t exist before 1998? That is interesting.”

The policy director claimed that Biden’s beliefs would destroy a number of American dreams. She explained that because of the influx of cheap labor, more and more American parents realize that even a college education cannot guarantee good “well-paying jobs’” for their children. Jenks continued, “we will have reversed one of the foundational principles of America. – that we are a country of opportunity,” citing that Biden’s policies would become the “antitheses of American dreams.” Jenks blasted the reality that most graduates faced a “very insecure” and “very depressed’’ future ahead, as they will find it hard to respond to the work environment.

Most tech companies prefer working with foreign workers as they are willing to exchange cheap labor for hopes of getting a green card visa. They are also more compliant to work long hours with the company, given that they are tied up.

Moreover, even the academe recognized the job disparity. In February, Hal Salzman from Rutgers University explained in a Senate Committee that only half of the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] graduates could join the workforce, and only one-third got hired. Salzman added that the H-1B visa is legislation which “serves as a congressionally-provided subsidy to a highly profitable industry to hire guest workers at the expense of jobs for U.S. workers.”

In the same town hall, Biden also made a drastic promise of allowing as much as 125,000 refugees in his first year as president. The Democratic nominee believed that migrants are a way to find cheap labor among the blue-collar industry for retailers, farm companies, meatpackers, and other low-wage, low-tech employers.

The number meant an additional 95,000 migrants from Trump’s 15,000 average. Biden also reasoned out that cheap labor had boosted the U.S. economy in the 1800s, claiming that his “great-great-grandfather” rode a “coffin ship” to get to the U.S. in 1848.

Biden’s grand plans seemed a stark contrast to the 40 million Americans who have lost their jobs during the economic shutdown. In fact, within just U.S. unemployment hit 2.1 million jobless claims, and given an influx in migrants means even tougher job competition for Americans.