A group that lobbies for open borders and is funded by the billionaire George Soros has vowed that it will defeat Trump in the upcoming election by making millions of Hispanic people turn out to vote. The threat was issued by the United We Dream, a group that is mostly made up of activists. The group claimed that they are going to make their members come out and vote against President Trump.

The group has long been an advocate of open borders and fighting for the amnesty of the millions of illegal immigrants that are within the United States already. They’re not satisfied with that. They also want to abolish the borders so that anyone who wants to can just come into the United States whenever they please. They especially want amnesty for the more than 800,000 illegal aliens that are the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.

The Executive Director of the group Cristina Jiménez said, “We know that in order to defend immigrants, protect DACA and defend our democracy, that Trump must be defeated this November.” George Soros has been a donor to the group for several years now. He has been funding leftist groups all over the world.

The threat can be a sign that they will encourage illegal aliens to come out and vote against the President. There is a real danger to this as Democrats are pushing the measure to allow those who are not eligible to be able to vote. Soros has invested millions of dollars to help fund leftist organizations in destabilizing governments all over the world. He is continuing to do the same thing through organizations that he is helping to fund in part or in full. His group might soon use its influence over Hispanics to make them vote even if they do so illegally.