Members of the Minneapolis City Council who voted to abolish the city’s police department are now being provided with private security courtesy of taxpayers’ money at the cost of thousands of dollars each day. The three council members, Andrea Jenkins, Phillipe Cunningham, and Alondra Cano have been very vocal about their support for getting the Minneapolis police defunded or abolished. Now, it has been revealed that the city has been providing them with private security at the cost of $4,500 each day.

It was reported that private security for the council members has cost the city of Minneapolis a total of $63,000 in the past three weeks. The council members have requested the security detail after allegedly getting death threats although they have not shown the actual threats nor have they reported them to the police. They claim that they have been too busy responding to the pandemic to report the incidents, but they have not been too busy to request for private bodyguards.

“I don’t feel comfortable publicly discussing the death threats against me or the level of security I currently have protecting me from those threats,” Cunningham said.

Jenkins revealed that she has been demanding that she get a private security detail ever since she became a council member, with the city shouldering the cost. “My concern is the large number of white nationalist(s) in our city and other threatening communications I’ve been receiving,” Jenkins said, blaming white nationalists for her entitled demand to be protected as expected.

The city council of Minneapolis started to push for the defunding and even abolishing their entire police department after George Floyd, a man with a long criminal record, died while being arrested by police officers of the city. His death sparked a string of nationwide protests. Some groups have taken advantage of the situation to push for their own agenda and one of those is to campaign for abolishing police departments all over the country.

This is not the first instance that city officials have received private security protection while working towards defunding the police. Democrats are unashamed to pursue policies like those. They are willing to condemn ordinary Americans to become exposed to criminals while using taxpayer money to protect themselves.