Ryan Hartwig, a Facebook whistleblower, exposed some of the practices of Facebook that discriminate against conservatives. Hartwig appeared on several videos for Project Veritas which discussed how the policies of the social media giant are biased against conservatives, white people, and the police. He was interviewed by Rebecca Mansour and John Hayward on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Tonight on Thursday.

Hartwig is not an employee of Facebook but he did work for a company that performed services for the social media network. One of the services performed by the company where he worked for is content moderation. That means they checked the content posted by users and they decided if anything violated the policies of the company. Hartwig revealed that he has worked as a content moderator himself since 2018.

He explained that Facebook’s content moderation policies became more biased against conservatives during the period that he worked as a moderator. He said that left-wing users are constantly given a free pass while those on the opposite side are normally censored.

“There’s definitely a lot of bias, [and] it wasn’t just the content moderators, it’s the policy itself that’s biased and rigged against conservatives,” Hartwig explained during the interview. He said that leftists can attack people on the right and use offensive terms against them and their posts will stay on the platform even if someone reports them. The opposite, however, is not true. If anyone attacks feminists and other leftist groups, terms which are used regularly to characterize them like “feminazi” cannot be used. He added that the decision to censor the right came from the top in an effort to influence the elections and society in general.

Hartwig’s revelation comes as no surprise to most people who are already aware of the bias that social media has against conservatives and anyone who might be considered to be on the right when it comes to politics. The only surprising part is how they are not even attempting to hide or disguise what they are doing. They are openly censoring anyone who disagrees with them at this point.