Staunch Trump critic and Hollywood director Rob Reiner declared to his 1 million followers that a vote for President Donald Trump would equal death. Unfortunately, Reiner failed to explain why he thinks so.

For the past few months, Reiner had been trying to stay relevant in the Hollywood scene with the only way he knew how- by constantly making accusations against the President. On Wednesday, Reiner summed up his thoughts in a few short words, “A vote for Trump is a vote for Death.”

This is one of the numerous times that the Hollywood director had made ludicrous statements against the administration. In fact, his Twitter feed is filled with accusations and disdain against Trump.

Earlier this month, Reiner, along with other Hollywood stars, criticized the President’s decision to host a Juneteenth rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. In a social media post, Reiner listed down Trump’s offenses. He continued to say that Trump is a “racist president” who does not care about Black lives. He also described the commander-in-chief as an “incompetent idiot” who would turn his back on the thousands of people who died from COVID-19. Reiner then concluded that the November 3 elections would be a matter of “life and death.”

However, while the rest of the Democratic party are encouraging their supporters to loot, vandalize, and burn down local businesses, President Donald Trump held an emotional, closed-door meeting with the families of slain victims from police brutality. In fact, the families praised Trump for his empathy and his willingness to listen. Moreover, the commander-in-chief also signed an executive order that would provide reforms for the police department.

The filmmaker also made another jab at Trump’s coronavirus response, claiming that despite his lack of legal background, he believed that Trump should be considered as “an accessory to murder.”

However, his accusations that Trump is a murderer did not end. As New York City became the hotspot for coronavirus, Reiner believes that Trump is the reason why people are dying in NYC.

Assuming the role of a pollster, Reiner forecasted that the President would lose in a “landslides” as Americans would be fearful of their own lives.