The mainstream media is now starting the narrative that Joe Biden is ahead of Trump in the polls as an obvious attempt to condition the voters that Biden’s win in November is inevitable. Media outlets have started publishing news stories claiming that the former vice president is going to beat President Trump. For example, the media is now claiming that Biden is leading Trump in key states like Florida, Michigan, and Wisconsin. The questionable polls that they are citing are trying to paint that the country would be voting for Biden in a landslide.

But all other indicators show that there is just no enthusiasm for the former vice president. Still, the media is trying to prop him up because he is running against President Trump. The best example of how the media is willing to promote Biden was his recent rally in Pennsylvania. The media and the left mocked the fact that the stadium in Tulsa was not filled with Trump’s fans. However, the left also admitted that they are largely to blame for that since they have sabotaged the ticket reservations. Yet they never said anything about the fact that Biden’s rally, which was roughly the equivalent of the President’s, only had about 20 attendees. Biden’s campaign tried to use the pandemic as an excuse but having 20 people for a presidential campaign rally is one of the most pathetic moments in election history, which the media has chosen to ignore.

The media also chooses to ignore other problematic aspects of Biden. He is facing sexual assault allegations. His accuser Tara Reade has proven herself to be a credible accuser but the media has chosen to stay silent regarding her. Biden also has a problematic way of behaving around children and females even in public. There are several videos of him depicting him holding children in a problematic way.

Then there is the question of his cognitive decline. Several critics have pointed out that Biden is under a clear cognitive decline. He has shown some weird behavior while being interviewed and he is in no shape to become the President of the United States. Yet, the left has continued to ignore all of that and they have just chosen to go ahead with Biden’s nomination.

The claims that Biden is ahead in the polls is reminiscent of how the media kept on claiming that Hillary would surely win the election back in 2016. It’s a strategy to condition the mind of the voters.