Disney caves in to the unreasonable demands of left-wing activists after it has announced that it will be overhauling its Splash Mountain rides in the Magic Kingdom theme park in Florida. This comes after accusations that the rides were racist since it took inspiration from a 1946 Disney movie Song of the South. Disney said that the new ride will take inspiration from the 2009 movie The Princess and the Frog, which features a black princess.

“We’re thrilled to share Splash Mountain at @Disneyland & @WaltDisneyWorld will be completely reimagined with a new story inspired by an all-time favorite @DisneyAnimation film, “The Princess and the Frog.” Learn about what Imagineers have in development…” Disney made the announcement on Twitter. However, the company did not mention the growing call against its ride.

There is an online petition against the ride which debuted in 1989. The petition which called the ride problematic because of its so-called racism inspired theme only got 21,000 signatures. It said that the best step is to remove all traces of the movie and to revise the ride so that it would feature The Princess and the Frog instead.

This petition is typical of the left’s attempt to change history. They want to remove all traces of the past and to rewrite it according to their approved narrative. While there are problematic moments in history, those should not be erased and removed. Those should be studied instead so that the whole country can learn from them.

The spirit which drove people to petition to change the ride is the same spirit that is driving them to destroy monuments and statues. BLM and Antifa protesters have been defacing and tearing down monuments all over the country. They started with the monuments to Confederate leaders but now they are also targeting monuments to heroes like Ulysses S. Grant and even George Washington.

Because Disney has caved in to their demands, these leftists activists will not be satisfied and they will soon demand other changes too. Recently, they were able to get HBO to remove Gone with the Wind because of its depiction of slavery. It won’t be long before they demand historical books to be burned for merely mentioning that slavery existed.