Planned Parenthood is launching a new campaign that aims to force businesses to provide free birth control coverage in their health insurance plans to fight systemic racism and make sure that black people also get to enjoy reproductive freedom. It is the group’s assertion that racial minorities do not get the same level of access to birth control because of the racism inherent in society. They are pushing for the idea even as they are conducting abortions in the middle of the pandemic.

The group announced its Business for Birth Control 2020 campaign through a press release. It also sent out a tweet that read, “Birth control is essential health care, period. It gives us time to plan & pursue our dreams. It’s closing the gender pay gap. It’s part of a commitment to equity. It saves lives.”

Like many other leftist groups, Planned Parenthood is jumping on the bandwagon that there is systemic racism in America. They assert that racial minorities do not have access to birth control because of the racism in society and that they are there to champion blacks and other minorities’ rights to gain access to birth control. They assert that American society is grappling with the twin problems of racism and the pandemic right now.

Some groups point out that most women are already using some form of birth control, but Planned Parenthood asserts that access to birth control in the country is constantly under threat. They’re painting a picture that there is a grand conspiracy to deny women their access to birth control.

Others have pointed out the real reason why Planned Parenthood is pushing for free birth control for everyone. When the birth control that most women are using fails, they know that many will go to them for abortion.

Planned Parenthood has been so successful when it comes to providing abortion that they have managed to make the procedure an essential service during the pandemic. At a time when other truly important medical procedures are not being performed, they have managed to convince authorities that taking the life of an unborn child is an absolute necessity. They are taking essential resources like PPEs away from the more crucial functions of fighting the coronavirus.