Amid the ongoing quest of the left to destroy almost everything that this nation stands for, the privileged from Mount Hollywood plead to defund the police and banish them from the entertainment industry.

A-list Hollywood celebrities are demanding studios to cut ties with police departments, which provides security during movie and TV shoots as well as the talk-of-the-town red carpet events like the annual Academy Awards or the Emmys. They are also asking studios to stop producing “anti-black content” that they define as shows that dehumanize or criminalize the black community while glorifying police brutality.

Their full demands are written in an open letter that has been signed by several Hollywood big shots, including Chadwick Boseman, Viola Davis, Queen Latifah, Angela Bassett, Janelle Monáe, Billy Porter, Octavia Spencer, Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie, Sterling K. Brown, and Idris Elba.

The open letter came with a header that read, “Hollywood 4 Black Lives, Prove Black Lives Matter To Hollywood.” The letter started by talking about the privilege and power that Hollywood has and then proceeded to call out how Hollywood treated the black community, “the way that Hollywood and mainstream media have contributed to the criminalization of Black people, the misrepresentation of the legal system, and the glorification of police corruption and violence have had dire consequences on Black lives. This includes stories that demonize our mental health as violent. People use these stories to justify the killings of Black people.”

Then, they also accused the industry of being “white supremacists,” saying, “The lack of a true commitment to inclusion and institutional support has only reinforced Hollywood’s legacy of white supremacy. This is not only in storytelling. It is cultural and systemic in Hollywood.” They added that Hollywood has directly and indirectly caused harm and oppression into black communities, and since Hollywood has been a huge part of the problem, they demand it to be part of the solution.

Aside from demanding Hollywood to change the representation of the police in shows and movies, these celebrities also call for the removal and involvement of police departments in any Hollywood shootings and events. It’s pretty ironic to see them demanding these things when these police officers they want to be defunded are the ones who have always kept them safe and sound while they strut around red carpets wearing their thousand-dollar coats and dresses, and made sure no crazed fan or paparazzi follows them to their multimillion-dollar homes.