House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused the Republicans on Tuesday on trying to get away with the murder of George Floyd. She made the claim as she gave an interview on CBS Radio, where she said that they are asking for police officers not to be allowed to do chokeholds, but the Republicans are not agreeing.

“So, when they admit that and have some suggestions that are worthy of consideration — but so far, they were trying to get away with murder, actually. The murder of George Floyd,” Pelosi said. This is the House Speaker’s latest attempt to jump on the nationwide protests against the police in the wake of the death of George Floyd. She and the rest of the Democrats are blaming all the police officers for the actions of a few rogue cops who commit acts of brutality. They are ignoring the fact that the vast majority of police interactions are positive.

Many of the protestors are calling for abolishing police departments all over the country. If implemented, that will cause cities to fall into chaos as criminals will take advantage of the situation to victimize ordinary people. Advocates of abolishing the police refuse to believe that will happen. They insist that the creation of some community-based crime prevention scheme, which they claim will be a lot more helpful in stopping crime. They have been proven to be wrong with the absolute failure of the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ) in Seattle, which became a police-free zone. Shooting incidents there resulting in one fatality have forced the government of Seattle to take action and shut it down.

Although it is quite obvious that abolishing the police is a bad idea, Pelosi and the Democrats are willing to pander to leftist protestors who are out on the street. It’s the same kind of pandering that they did when they kneeled to show their solidarity with the protestors who were out rioting. They did the stunt, which was obviously made as a photo op while wearing traditional African kente stoles. It was such a cringe move that fooled no one. Things only got worse for Pelosi and the rest of the bunch when it was revealed that the traditional African clothing that they chose to wear was actually from an African kingdom that participated in slavery and actually sold slaves to European traders.

Now, Pelosi is just straight up accusing the Republicans of murder when most of the police brutality cases are happening in places run by her party.