Hillary Clinton said that she wants President Donald Trump back to the golf course full-time. The failed presidential candidate made that statement during an interview with “comedian” Amy Schumer for a special which aired on a virtual TV festival for Variety. Clinton said that she is spending most of her time now working to support Joe Biden’s campaign.

“I’m spending most of my time trying to do everything I can to retire him and to send him back to the golf course full-time,” Hillary told Schumer, who seems to have become obese, probably because of the lockdown. The interview was online. Clinton was staying in New York, while Schumer was staying in Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts.

Hillary admitted that she felt a sense of responsibility for Trump being elected into the Presidency. She said that she didn’t think that she would lose and that Trump has actually been worse than what she had expected. She also weighed in on how Trump made decisions in regards to the pandemic and with the protestors that are taking hold of the entire country. Hillary claimed that the way Trump threatened to use the military against the protesters is unconstitutional.

She failed to mention that when President travelers from China early on in the pandemic, he was accused of being racist. Now, he is being accused of not doing enough. The president only gave a warning to the protesters; he did not really order the military to move in. Even with the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ), which has declared itself to be a separate state from the United States, the president did not order troops to move in, although he would have been justified in doing so. Clinton is clearly just trying to make baseless accusations against the president, knowing that her leftist audience would just accept whatever she says without fact-checking.

She also weighed in on the protests that are happening and the death of George Floyd. “This protest that is going on, it really is a kind of moment of moral reckoning. They can’t turn away from that eight-minute-and-46-second video. They can’t turn away from the look on that policeman’s face where he just literally shifted his body and put his hand in [his] pocket and put greater pressure on Mr. Floyd’s neck,” Clinton said. It is unclear as to who she is referring to. If anything, she is part of the party in charge of the places where police brutality cases are taking place.