On Monday evening, the St. John’s Episcopal Church was once again attacked by rioters and vandals, spray painting the pillars of the church with the letters “B-H-A-Z” for “Black House Autonomous Zone.” These activists have first created an “autonomous zone” in Seattle and named it “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or “CHAZ,” but they changed it into “Capitol Hill Occupied Protest” or “CHOP.”

The historic church, a block away from the White House, has been the target of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement once again and was vandalized. Earlier this month, the church was set ablaze by the protesters of the same movement.

Videos circulated on social media, showing protesters gathering outside the church.

Every United States president since James Madison has attended services at St. John’s Episcopal Church. However, despite being receptive to protesters in recent weeks, activists still decided to deface the establishment.

President Trump warned vandals, saying that numerous people are being arrested in DC for disgraceful vandalism and that vandals could face 10 years of prison time under the Veteran’s Memorial Preservation Act.

On May 31, BLM protesters set St. John’s basement on fire. Then, the next day, Trump addressed the nation, saying that he would act swiftly to end the violence and looting caused by the protests across the country. After his speech in the White House, the president walked across Lafayette Park and stood outside St. John’s, holding up a Bible.