Comedian and podcast superstar Joe Rogan blasted the left-wing media for completely ignoring Joe Biden’s verbal slips. Rogan, who claims to be someone with left-leaning politics, criticized the mainstream media and the left during his podcast. He said that Biden is clearly in some form of mental decline.

“That’s what I keep hearing from my friends on the left. They’ve basically made this concession in their head like, “Hey, you know, this is what I’m voting for now.” And the news media on the left has completely ignored all of these Biden speeches that clearly show some kind of cognitive decline,” Rogan said during his show. His guest for the episode, Bret Weinstein, agreed with him.

Rogan has criticized Biden in the past. Last April, he said that he would rather vote for Trump than Biden in a hypothetical election match-up. He has also mocked Biden’s way of talking as something that’s only normal if a person is high. His criticisms of Biden have already gotten Rogan in hot water and because of his latest comments, leftist activists have already dug up some of his past comments. Now, they’re targeting him for a comment that he made during an interview with his friend and fellow comedian Joey Diaz. The interview was way back in 2009 and that means someone automatically started to dig through a decade of Rogan’s podcast to find something offensive that was said, which isn’t hard to do since Rogan is a comedian who is supposed to say controversial stuff.

Rogan is actually a liberal and has openly supported Bernie Sanders, who was on his podcast. Now the left expects him to join in and support Biden. His criticism of the aging former vice president will surely get him marked as a right-wing.

The left is pretending that Biden is doing okay and that his verbal flubs are not in any way problematic. During his first virtual town hall, he started to wander off the screen, seemingly lost as to where the camera was. He has also made slime highly controversial statements regarding African Americans. Biden is also facing allegations of sexual assault on top of the creepy way that he deals with women and children, which are well-documented. In short, Biden is a problematic candidate that some liberals are finding difficult to support.