Civil War General and President of the United States Ulysses S. Grant was the latest victim in the leftist attempt to destroy monuments to American history as his statue was pulled down in San Francisco by a vandalizing mob on Friday. The statue of Francis Scott Key, the writer of the national anthem, was also destroyed by the thugs.

As the leader of the Union Army during the Civil War, Grant has been credited with smashing the Confederacy which effectively ended slavery in the United States. As a President, he was sympathetic to the freed slaves, but the leftist mob now sees him as problematic because he was once a slave owner himself. Historians say that he acquired a slave through marriage. All accounts say that he treated the man kindly and even worked alongside him. In fact, Grant freed the slave right before the Civil War started. But all those factors mean nothing to the work left. All that matters to them is that Grant was a slave owner and so everything else that he did, including defeating the Confederacy, does not matter.

Key’s statue in the same park was also vandalized and destroyed. He wrote a poem that eventually became the lyrics for the national anthem after he was inspired by the sight of the flag being hoisted after a battle during the War of 1812. The statue of Spanish writer Miguel De Cervantes was also vandalized in a San Francisco park. Now it seems that the leftist mob is just trying to destroy any statue that honors a white person. There is a clear attempt to rewrite or to erase history, similar to what Mao Zedong did in China during the Cultural revolution. It is the leftist agenda to write history in a way that would conform to their ideology. They want to destroy the records of figures that they consider to be problematic and just invent things which would make other people follow their own ideas.

Ordinary Americans are starting to push back against these leftist vandals, as groups of citizens are starting to band together to defend monuments.