There is evidence that billionaire George Soros is the one behind the current “defund the police” movement that is fueling the riots taking place in many American cities. It was found that an anti-deportation group that has been associated with the Open Society Foundation in the past is funding the movement to discredit and abolish the police.

The group has been working to discredit the police since 2016. They have been working behind the scenes to smear law enforcement agencies long before George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis. These groups are just now seizing the opportunity presented by the outrage of people over the killing.

The group is known as the Organized Communities Against Deportation (OCAD). On the group’s website, they have openly listed Soros’ Open Society Foundation as a partner. Back in 2016, the group hosted a defunding police protest rally in Chicago. During that rally activists from the group blocked a street while holding signs that said “Dismantle ICE. Defund the police.” The group considers ICE to be the largest police force in the country.

The group and other organizations are now seizing the opportunity to push for their agenda. While some advocates of the movement are saying that “defund the police” does not mean abolish the police, others from their group are saying that’s exactly what they want. They say that all police officers are incapable of reform and so the entire police system of the country should just be abolished.

Soros and the groups that he is funding has been linked to attempts to undermine several governments around the world. The groups that he has created have openly advocated for open borders so that people can move freely wherever they want. Now they are pushing for the abolishing of the police. It seems that they are aiming for the complete breakdown of societies.