CNN’s Friday edition of Anderson Cooper 360 featured their chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta criticizing President Trump’s rallies while praising the leftist protests, which often degenerate into rioting and looting. He said that comparing the rallies of President Trump to the protests of the leftists is “sort of an apples and oranges comparison.”

Acosta claimed that President Trump’s priority right now is to motivate his voter base because that is the only way that he can get reelected. He has also accused the White House of politicizing the wearing of masks in the face of the global pandemic. He claims that Trump officials are all over the place when it comes to the wearing of masks, as some of them said that they will wear masks during the rally in Tulsa while others will not. Acosta reiterated what Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that people should avoid gatherings and that they should always wear masks.

Acosta is saying that Trump is willing to risk the health and the life of his followers for him to hold his rallies. He was quick to point out that the rioting over the George Floyd killing to Trump rallies is not the same.

“They’re looking at these demonstrations in the streets, these protests in the streets that have happened since the killing of George Floyd, and they are saying, well, if they can have their protests, they can have their demonstrations, why can’t we have these rallies in places like Tulsa? Not really understanding that it is sort of an apples and oranges comparison,” Acosta said.

But he fails to mention why those two are different. If anything the so-called protests put more people at risk. The people at the rally in Tulsa will be given masks and hand sanitizers while there will be temperature checks at the entrance. It is highly unlikely that anyone infected will be able to attend. On the other hand, there is no controlling the protestors on the streets. It is also worth noting that the attendees of the rallies are for the most law-abiding citizens who are ready to obey the rules. The protestors on the other hand are just thugs who are out to break the law and loot whenever they get the opportunity. Acosta and CNN are just showing their hypocrisy with how they are claiming that the leftist rioters are doing nothing wrong and are in fact better than the Americans who will be attending Trump’s rallies.