As a part of her “Work with Whitmer” series, Democrat and Michigan governor, Gretchen Whitmer, stopped by at Lafayette Coney Island to serve hotdogs. However, instead of giving warm meals, the governor was served with a dose of cold reality.

On Thursday, Whitmer was confronted by a man who claimed that he had lost his job as a health worker. The man expressed his frustration over the governor’s draconian administration and asked why his unemployment benefits were still not processed. “I haven’t received any of my benefits yet,” the man lamented. He then asked if “Is there any possible way you could put my name in?” the man asked.

Whitmer simply brushed off her constituent’s sentiments and instead asked him, “Can I buy ya a hot dog?”. The man refused to accept the governor’s free food. During her photo-op, Whitmer claimed that she wanted to work with people as a way to show that businesses can safely re-open.


The day before, Whitmer also established her authority by stating that any plans to limit her power is an “irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish” decision. She began her statement by praising her own success in preventing the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. She bragged that “Over the past week, Michigan has emerged as a national leader in COVID-19 mitigation.” The governor then thanked the people who had worked to stop the outbreak.

However, in contrast to Whitmer’s statements, a recent report from the New York Times cited that Michigan ranked sixth in terms of coronavirus death. In fact, it has nearly twice as many deaths as Florida.

The data is a crucial piece of information that the governor had failed to add. Whitmer had even warned her constituents that the fight against the outbreak is far from over. She reminded everyone to stay “disciplined,” claiming that “if we drop our guard, we’ll end up on the map the way that those other states are.”

She continued that through her aggressive actions, the numbers went down and that the “data” proved that actions were working. Whitmer also took the time to blast off her enemies, stating that despite her administration’s success, she was still able to see “attempts” to take her own “authority.”

Whitmer then reminded everyone of how power-hungry she was, “I want to be very clear; any attempt to strip away the powers of the governor during this time is irresponsible, dangerous, and foolish.”

The governor referred to the decision by the Michigan Supreme Court, which was released on June 5. Based on the Court’s decision, they have overruled Whitmer’s appeal to close down a local barbershop, which was owned by 77-year old Karl Manke, an Owosso resident. Supreme Court Justice David Viviano explained that the Court has to make decisions based on the “law’ and not merely from “hysteria.” Viviano reminded the state that the “society” should not fall as a victim to COVID-19.