After former National Security Adviser John Bolton released a book about President Donald Trump, CBS News White House correspondent Paula Reid went on to ask why Trump would hire “wackos and liars” like Bolton.

Reid’s question came after a White House roundtable discussion with the state governors.

She also asked why Trump did not “block” the book before it reached the media.

On Thursday, Trump described Bolton as a “wacko” and accused him of severing ties with North Korea and disrupting talks of a future nuclear program. In his tweet, the United States President wrote, “When Wacko John Bolton went on Deface the Nation [CBS’ ‘Face The Nation’] and so stupidly said that he looked at the ‘Libyan Model’ for North Korea, all hell broke out.” Trump continued that “Kim Jong Un, who we were getting along with very well, went ‘ballistic’, just like his missiles - and rightfully so.”

This is not the first time that the White House correspondent attacked the administration. In April, Reid questioned Trump’s competence in handling the health crisis during a coronavirus briefing. Trump fought back, calling Reid “disgraceful.”

Moreover, the journalist had also received massive criticisms earlier this month after she accused Trump of not helping his campaign by visiting Maine, which she described as “one of the whitest states in America.”

Trump’s admin officials also defended the President from Bolton’s scathing accusations. On Thursday, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro appeared on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” in which he described the book as a “deep swamp of revenge porn.” Navarro began by slamming Bolton. He claimed that the latter had “literally begged” to become a national security advisor. Navarro claimed that the moment Bolton got the position, he acted like a “warlord.”

He also believed that the former security advisor could not come up with plans to resolve big political issues like China. Instead, Navarro accused Bolton of spending too much time creating “coups” in Venezuela, with which he has nothing to do with.

In addition, Navarro lashed out against Bolton, claiming that the former security advisor’s behavior was a “repeatable pattern”. He explained that during his stint in the Bush administration, he spread out a “lie” that Iraq had “weapons of mass destruction” and that he had used such a message as an excuse to invade Iraq.

In an interview for the Wall Street Journal, Trump explained why he had to fire Bolton. The President narrated that at the beginning of the security advisor’s 17th-month tenure in office, he realized that he and Bolton had a lot of “policy disputes,” especially when it comes to issues involving Iraq.

Trump said that “I asked him one question. I said, ‘So, do you think you did the right thing by going into Iraq?” The President continued that Bolton said, “Yes.’ And that’s when I lost him. And that was early on. That’s when I lost him.” When Trump asked Bolton to explain his decision, the former security advisor was unable to respond.