President Donald Trump said on Thursday that former vice president Joe Biden was China’s dream president for the United States. The president made the statement just as his campaign has released an advertisement that claimed that Biden got an “endorsement” from terrorist leader Osama bin Laden.

“He’s China’s dream,” the president during an interview with his son for his campaign show called Triggered. That statement came after a new ad that highlighted how Osama bin Laden wanted Biden to become the president of the United States for all the wrong reasons. Bin Laden believed that Biden is so unqualified, ill-prepared, and just downright incompetent that his becoming the president would be a disaster for the country.

The president added that Biden is so unqualified for the job. “Well, he had a long time to do a lot of things, and he didn’t, and he’s certainly not in condition to do it now. He’s not equipped to do it…I think everybody else knows what I’m talking about …he’s China’s dream.” He is referring to the fact that Biden has been a politician for so long, and yet he has not done anything good or productive at all.

The president also stated that the Democrats will start working with China and Iran if Biden wins. The ad that discussed bin Laden’s love for Biden premiered on the show. That just shows how incompetent Biden is as perceived even by the United States’ enemies that they would actually work actively to put him in office. They see his presidency as such a disaster for the country. Now he is even more problematic with his cognitive functions in obvious decline.

The show’s title Triggered is very apt since it is bound to trigger a lot of leftists that the president’s own son is the one interviewing him. Donald Trump Jr. seems to be relishing the idea as he tweeted, “If you didn’t see my Father’s Day interview with @realDonaldTrump check it out here. Had a great time and love the media freak out who seem to forget that unlike Chris Cuomo I don’t pretend to be an actual journalist. Let me know your thoughts?”