On Wednesday, one of the most strident and vocal Trump critics on television Mika Brzezinski had a total “Karen” meltdown both on-air and on Twitter following a few tweets from President Donald Trump.

Brzezinski, the co-host of left-wing media’s MSNBC’s Morning Joe, went on to rant while on air, calling the President “sick” and “disgusting.” She followed up her rant and took to Twitter to call out the bird app’s CEO Jack Dorsey, telling him to censor President Trump’s tweets.

Brzezinski started her heated statements saying that the President is tweeting all sorts of crazy things again, including conspiracy theories about Joe Scarborough and falsely accusing him of murder. That’s sick, Donald, you’re a sick person…to put this family through this…To do this just because you’re mad at Joe because Joe got ya again today because he speaks the truth,” she added. The anti-Trumper also added that Scarborough speaks about the President’s “lack of interest and empathy” in others and his incapability of handling the pandemic. Brzezinski continued to throw accusations against Trump and claimed that the President only made matters worse every day and that he won’t even wear a mask to keep people safe from “his germs.”

After that, Brzezinski continued Karen-ing on Twitter and did the MOST Karen thing of all—demand for the manager or owner’s attention, which in this case is Jack Dorsey, CEO of Twitter. She tagged him in several angry tweets demanding to blacklist and remove President Trump’s tweets and account.

She even called for back-up and added a “Retweet if you agree” in her tweets.

Brzezinski even announced on television her plans to call the Twitter admin’s attention, but even so, nobody was prepared to see her throw a full mad Karen tantrum on social media. “And you should be taking these tweets down. And you should be ashamed of yourself – you’ll be hearing from me on this because this is BS.”

She bombarded Dorsey with her tweets, demanding him to take her call. And in the end, she noted that a call is finally being “set up” with the CEO.