During his media appearance for CNN, Democrat, and California Governor Gavin Newson warned of a potential third wave of the coronavirus pandemic, claiming that politicians should remain “humbled” with what they don’t know.

Newsom believed that based on the Spanish Flu 1918, which had cost more than 50 million lives, the outbreak seemed to appear in multiple waves. “If history doesn’t repeat itself, it certainly rhymes,” the Governor began. He added that based, “on those we experienced in the United States suggest not just second waves, but potential third waves.”

When he was asked how schools can re-open, and if the state will continue to host major gatherings, such as sporting events and concerts for 2020, Newsom responded that as the country gears towards economic re-opening, there would be necessary modifications that will be “required.” He also believed that while some schools might not be ready to open by fall, others will be. He also expressed his concern not just on student safety, but as well as school staff and communities.

Newsom claimed that they had based their policies on “predicted data” and not just based on “observed evidence.” He added that the question of school re-opening is still a difficult one to answer. However, Newsom assured that health would be the main reference for making state decisions. He also claimed politicians should avoid bipartisanship, and rather, practice “humbleness of spirit.”

The Governor also considered the fact that “each part” of California also had their distinctive qualities, in which specific conditions might be applicable for some, while others might not. He even shared that as a father of four kids, he was “deeply anxious” for his children’s health and safety.

He concluded that “we have to be humbled by what we don’t know,” believing that 90 days ago, researchers struggled to find out about the virus and that every day presents a new opportunity for people to learn more about the deadly Chinese virus. He warned that people could not be “ideological,” “forgiving,” and “naive” about the disease.

In terms of the economic re-opening, Newsom claimed that businesses would have to comply with a lot of “modifications” such as observing social distancing measures and putting face coverings. He also feared that there might be “profound” consequences for opening stadiums that can hold up to 80,000 people. Finally, he said that he refused to make promises that he cannot deliver.

However, just like other Democratic governors, Newsom’s strict orders were not well-received among his local residents. On Monday, The Patriot Hill reported how the California governor is currently facing numerous lawsuits for infringing people’s constitutional rights. This includes closing down gun shops for being “non-essential,” as well as prohibiting churches and synagogues from operating.

Even Tesla CEO Elon Musk expressed his increasing disappointment in the Democratic party’s politics, which had prevented him from continuing the company’s business operation in Alameda county. As a result, Musk even urged people to choose the “red pill.”