Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms blamed President Donald Trump for the shooting of Ahmaud Arbery in her own city. Arbery was allegedly shot and killed by retired police officer Gregory McMichael and his son. McMichael told the police after the shooting that there were cases of burglaries in their area and that they saw Arbery jogging and assumed that he was the perpetrator, and so they went after him.

Bottoms appeared on CNN’s “State of the Union,” where she made a statement regarding the incident. The host of the show asked her whether she believes that the suspects were charged only because of a video of the shooting that has emerged. She answered that she believed that the video was instrumental in getting the suspects charged but added that, “I think, again, it’s a part of this bigger issue that we are having in this country with the rhetoric we hear coming out of the White House in so many ways, I think that many who are prone to being racist are given permission to do it in an overt way that we otherwise would not see in 2020.”

Bottoms claimed that it’s okay for local leaders like her to fail since the Justice Department is there to pick up after their mess and prosecute those who should be prosecuted, but she now claims that the leadership isn’t there.

The shooting took place back in February but the McMichaels were only arrested after a video of his actual shooting surfaced. The video was taken by a man who joined in the pursuit of the supposed burglar which turned out to be Arbery. The video was released by a lawyer who was not representing anyone regarding the case at the moment. They obtained the video directly from the man who recorded it.

As expected, the leftists and the progressives have come out blaming the shooting incident on racism. Some have even come out describing the incident as a lynching. What’s surprising is Bottoms’ statement, which somehow places the blame on the President for a shooting that took place in her own city. The failure of the police to charge the suspects in time should be a reflection of her leadership. If there is anyone to blame for the suspects not being charged right away, it would have to be her. Like other leftist local officials, she just finds it convenient to just blame the President for her own failures.