While there had been heated moments during the almost empty CNN Democratic Debate, both nominees, “democratic socialist,” Sen Bernie Sanders, and former vice-president, Joe Biden put aside their differences to slam President Donald Trump’s coronavirus efforts.

During the debate, Sanders claimed that the country has to “shut this president up right now,” alleging Trump spreads false information and citing that the outbreak was a clear sign of failed leadership. Sanders also used the pandemic as an opportunity to endorse his progressive “Medicare-for-all” policy.

Sanders then described the country’s health system as “dysfunctional.” Despite the government’s best effort to provide test kits for suspected COVID-19 patients, Sanders believed that people are hesitant to go to the doctor and get tested because of medical bills. Moreover, the senator added that the country is not “prepared” for the outbreak and that the president only fuels the problem. “When we spend twice as much per capita as any other nation, one might expect we’re gonna have enough doctors all over this country. One might expect we’re gonna have affordable prescription drugs,” Sanders said. He expressed that the reason the country remains unprepared to handle the crisis is that “we don’t have a system,” citing that there had been numerous insurance plans, but not one that would effectively ensure that the public could afford or access.

Then, Biden chimed in saying that “it has nothing to do” with Sanders’s proposal for “Medicare-for-all.” A few moments later, Biden confusingly claimed that although Sanders’s proposal might work, it can never get through the congress as there are no sufficient funds to implement it.

While Biden and Sanders might get along with their ultimate goal of unseating Trump, the two also had serious arguments during the CNN debate. In one instance, Joe was unable to answer the accusations that he had thrown on Sanders.

Biden asked why Sanders would not remove his PACs, some of which had run ads that did not sit well with the former vice-president. Sanders responded that he simply didn’t have one. Things started to heat up when Biden shot back, saying that the senator had nine.

Sanders challenged Biden to name any of them and as characteristic of “Sleepy Joe,” he was unable to cite any and tried to laugh it off. “Give me a break,” the former vice-president replied.

The senator was not amused with Biden’s response and told him to cut it out “Don’t laugh, Joe,” Sanders reminded the “sleepy” nominee. He went on to hammer Biden, as he asked the crowd to view a previous Youtube video, which featured Joe Biden had supporting policies that would make budget cuts for Social Security.

Biden vehemently denied such actions, but as Sanders pressed on, he eventually admitted that it was a part of a “congressional negotiation.” Although the former vice-president claimed that he did not agree to the policy which would specifically make cuts to Social Security. Sanders, who had continued to “bern” down Biden, responded that he was unable to do so, thanks to the people like him who had shut down such policies.

Both nominees also had their own set of gaffes, from of course, “Sleepy Joe,” labeling the previous H1N1 virus as “N1H1”, and despite his recent accusations about Trump being racist, he referred to the Ebola outbreak as “what happened in Africa.” On the other hand, Sanders had confused the Ebola with the ongoing COVID-19 virus.