It seems that Hollywood is using their power and influence to spread fear over the coronavirus outbreak, taking it as an opportunity to play the blame game on President Donald Trump’s and Vice-President Mike Pence’s “failed” response.

In fact, the aging pop star and outspoken Trump critic, Cher lashed out on Trump amidst the coronavirus scare. In a Twitter post, Cher wrote, “Once a Coward!! trump KNEW We Weren’t Prepared For Coronavirus, But His Re-Election Depended On The Stock Market, So he Kept. He Knew He’d Gutted The Health Agencies, So He Kept. Ppl Got Sick,& Still He Kept. Ppl Are Dying So HE LIES.”

Hollywood also chimed in with Cher to fan the flames of hysteria. Rosie also implied that the administration was lying.

Even Hocus Pocus star, Bette Midler, who has accused Trump of being the “most hated human male”, has expressed severe anti-administration sentiments. She claimed that the President wants a scapegoat in the form of VP Mike Pence to take the blame if the coronavirus gets out of hand.

Jason Alexander joined other Hollywood hotshots in bashing the President and tweeted that Trump and the GOP would much rather see people be sick and die than to admit their mistakes.

Comedian and host, Chelsea Handler, called the attention of Trump’s supporters and said that the President wanted Corona virus-positive people to still go to work.

Trump tweeted in response to Handler’s misleading tweet. He said that he never asked sick people to go to work and that all of those were just fake news being promoted by his number one critics, the Democrats.

Democratic politicians have also joined in to blame the administration. Sen. Chris Murphy said in an interview with CBS’s “Face the Nation” that Americans do not have a scope of the “epidemic.” Murphy claimed that “I imagine we have hundreds, if not thousands of cases in my state. I think we have no concept of the scope of this epidemic yet because we have not been able to test.”

The senator continued to say that it was unforgivable that the Trump administration didn’t see things coming and didn’t prepare early on to put resources to good use, like for testing.

Amidst the comments, Trump responded that the administration is doing everything it can to contain the situation. In a tweet, The President assured everyone that the administration is on top of everything. They are working closely with China and continuously monitoring the developments with the best people working around the world.