Decades after his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky, Bill Clinton is still generating controversy. The former president said in an interview that he had an affair with the younger Lewinsky to manage his anxieties. Clinton made the statement as part of the Hulu documentary about his wife entitled “Hillary.”

He went on to explain that he was just like anyone else who suffered from disappointments, terrors, and fears. Clinton also said that he is different from the person who engaged in the affair. The former president admitted that what he did was bad, but he excused it by saying that he didn’t really set out to do the most awful thing that he can.

Bill also said that he regrets what the affair did to Lewinsky’s life, saying that it was unfair that she has been defined by it. He admitted to watching Lewinsky over the years and following what she had been doing.

Two years ago, when the uproar of the #MeToo movement was at its height, Clinton also gave an interview regarding his illicit affair. He was asked by NBC’s Craig Melvin if he had apologized to Monica Lewinsky. He brushed it off by saying that he had apologized to everyone, but Clinton had to admit that he had never spoken again to Monica Lewinsky or apologized to her.

As expected, Clinton’s comment has created controversy. Even those on the left are not happy with what he had to say about the affair. Comedian Bill Maher slammed him for saying that he used the affair as a means of managing his anxiety. Maher said that it was very callous for Clinton to say that since the affair practically destroyed Lewinsky’s life.

At the time of the affair, Clinton was 49 years old and the president of the United States. During that time, Lewinsky was 22 years old and was working as an intern. She had to pay for her lawyers, so she was forced to agree to TV details that exploited her plight. Lewinsky had to hide from the media and was not really able to find work afterward. Eventually, she did manage to put her life in order. She became a Vanity Affair writer and even became a global ambassador against bullying. It’s just sad that Clinton has to drag her name back into the mud.