For the most part of his career, New Hampshire primary winner Senator Bernie Sanders had always fought for Democratic socialism. However, despite the promises of equal economic opportunity, it might also get rid of what America has always been known for—its fight for the freedom of choice.

During the Poor People’s Campaign Presidential Forum event which was held last Monday, the Senator tried to explain his seemingly complex ideology.

“In my view, there will never be any real change in this country unless there is a political revolution. And that means that millions of people have got to stand up and take on the corporate interests, the billionaire class, the 1 percent and tell them that in this country our economy and our government belong to all of us and not just wealthy campaign contributors,” Sanders whined about the economic inequality.

Sanders believed that the only way for America to go forward is to be able to close the gap between social classes and stop the wealthy from accumulating more.

As one of Sanders’ supporters explained in an interview with Breitbart said: “You listen to Bernie explain it, and it’s always so relatable…This isn’t Soviet communism, this is policies that meet human needs, like “Medicare for All”…canceling student debt, getting rid of people’s medical debt—these are policies that are popular! Majorities support these. So, for me, democratic socialism is about building a movement of ordinary people that can demand change. So I don’t think it hurts Bernie at all.”

The Democratic socialist supporter continued, “I think what people really respond to is big programs that generate wins and change their lives. And I think as Bernie’s movement starts to put the pressure to really improve things for people—these high-deductible health plans, going away; this medical debt that ruining people’s lives, going away…I think it’s really important that Bernie talks about democratic socialism while he does those things so that people can come to understand the opportunities of this whole set of politics, and this whole movement-building approach, which Bernie has, uniquely, in the primary.”

The things that Democratic Socialism advocates for such as equality, and closing the gap between rich and poor is truly ideal. The problem is that changing American politics does not come without a cost.

While it lobbies for equal economic opportunity, Democratic socialism also calls to have more government control, especially since the administration will dictate competition. This shift in power will eventually trickle down to influencing American’s purchasing decisions.

As Democrats lobby for better social services, it also requires higher taxes and could mean more financial loss for the American family. Based on Sanders’ plan, it dictates a whopping 25% tax rate for people who belong in the middle class. On the other hand, the top earners will have as much as 40% tax rates.

A problem that even Sanders himself had recognized.

Since the government controls pretty much of people’s daily decisions, it would also limit the freedom of choice, and discourage the one thing that Americans had always been known for, of creating unions and committee organizations.

This type of governance had also been prone to abuse, transferring control from big corporations into government hands.

Bernie’s ideology might be the Democrats’ tool to fight Trump’s capitalism. However, under the current administration, Trump was able to provide jobs for the blue-collar sector, one of the things that Democrats had failed and might have forgotten as America pushed for globalization.

In the end, what makes Trump popular is that he represents what America wants, and that’s feasible solutions, one that can pay the rent and bring food to the table.