MSNBC’s news anchor Chuck Todd has been under fire as critics slammed him for insulting Sanders’ supporters and claiming that the presidential nominee would be nowhere without his online presence.

During a segment, Todd read an excerpt from an article that criticized Sanders’ growing online presence. He started by saying, “I want to bring up something that Jonathan Last put in The Bulwark today.”

“Here’s what he says: ‘No other candidate has anything like this digital brownshirt brigade. I mean, except for Donald Trump. The question that no one is asking is this; what if you can’t win the presidency without an online mob? What if we now live in a world having a bullying, agro-social media running around, hobbling everyone who sticks their head up is either an important ingredient for or a critical marker of success?’” the news anchor continued.


However, social media would not have any of this, and people responded by tweeting #FireChuckTodd.

Todd’s statements had also sparked a backlash from Sanders’ camp. Briahna Gray, the nominee’s national press secretary posted that, “Digital brown shirt brigade.’ That’s how our Jewish candidate’s supporters are being described on the MSM. The contempt shown for ordinary people is really something.”

Newsweek also wrote that: “Todd complained about being on the ‘receiving end of the Bernie online brigade’ before quoting an article by Jonathan Last in The Bulwark that likened supporters of the Jewish candidate to Nazi paramilitaries. His decision to quote the conservative outlet outraged supporters of the Vermont senator, who took up the #FireChuckTodd hashtag and described the segment as indefensible.”

In addition, Tom Elliot, founder and news editor of a media company also mocked Todd’s biased opinions. In his statement, Elliot said, “Chuck Todd has to resort to these kinds of journalistic sleights of hand to get his own views across,” Elliott said. “He doesn’t have to personally express any opinions, he can just approvingly quote other people likening Sanders supporters to Nazis, or Trump fans to Bible-thumping rubes.”

In the past, Todd had been noted to also bash Trump supporters. In December, the news anchor read a letter in a poor attempt to explain why the president’s popularity continued to grow.

[W]hy do people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales… This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good… The more fairy tales and lies he tells the better they feel… Show me a person who believes in Noah’s ark and I will show you a Trump voter.”

Todd also claimed that voters liked to believe in empty promises.

“This gets at something, Dean, that my executive producer likes to say, ‘Hey, voters want to be lied to sometimes.’ They don’t always love being told hard truths,” Todd said to executive editor Dean Baquet.

Dan Gainor, founder of the conservative nonprofit organization Media Research center perfectly described Chuck Todd as the “personification of media bias.”