California Governor Gavin Newsom appeared on “The View” Monday to criticize President Trump, claiming he is “scared of California,” and labeling his state as “the most un-Trump state in America.”

Newsom was responding to a question about President Trump’s State of the Union address when Trump criticized California for “costing taxpayers vast and unaffordable amounts of money,” as well as California’s sanctuary law that protects undocumented immigrants.

Co-host Joy Behar responded, “Does Trump hate California because he knows that you’re there, Nancy Pelosi as well as Adam Schiff? All his enemies are there?”

Newsom thinks Trump is holding a grudge against California because of his loss by 4 million votes in the last election. He went on to claim California is “the most un-Trump state in America.”


The governor and the co-hosts all said they have anxiety about Trump getting four more years.

“I like our chances in November as long as we unify,” said Newsom. “Right now it’s about momentum, it’s about energy, it’s about mind share.”


Newsom bashed Senator Lindsey Graham and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell by calling Graham an “embarrassment,” and McConnell “dangerous, not just an embarrassment.”

The governor tried to persuade viewers to focus on accomplishments and get a “frame of optimism” instead of focusing on Washington.

Newsom concluded he has doesn’t have any interest in running for president or vice president in the future because he claims to love his job. Co-host Tyra Banks encouraged him to run, proving once again, she should stick to commenting on fashion and modeling.