Despite the massive support that Sanders has received, it seemed that his fellow Democrats were not so happy with his recent victory. His number one opponent? Former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

During her interview with Ellen DeGeneres, Hillary Clinton downplayed Bernie Sanders’ victory in the Iowa Caucus and urged the audience to choose a candidate who “can win.”

“I say two things—I say, vote for the person who you believe can actually win in November. And the person who you think can govern our country. Because somebody has to get in there and try to bring our country together and put us on the right track into the future and restore our democracy and our standing in the world,” Clinton said in her interview.

Then, Clinton addressed the crowd and asked “Who do you think can win?”

Clinton continued “Because if you don’t win, you can’t govern. And who can best govern at a very difficult time in American history,” Clinton said despite being at the losing end of the 2016 presidential elections.

While the former presidential nominee did not directly mention former Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, she implied in her statement that, “It seems to me, more than ever, that we need somebody who’s going to go in and be able to steer this ship in the right direction instead of going to the extreme.”

Clinton also tried to play safe “I am saying the same thing to everybody,” she said.

“Please, look at the candidates and clearly, you like somebody better than others, and then analyze that person’s positions, and their message, and can that person win. Because remember, it’s not the popular vote, it’s the electoral college,” Clinton continued. Finally, Clinton tried to persuade voters about Trump’s deficiencies in the system.

“You’ve got to be very clear-minded about who can win,” she continued. “But it’s not enough to win, you want somebody who, as you rightly said, is going to try to get us back on track. We have so much to be proud of in our country. We have so many wonderful people. We need to get back into what I call, ‘The Future Business.’ We need to be investing in our future. It means dealing with climate change. It means dealing with healthcare.

It means making the economy work for everybody. These things are not easy to do. So you need somebody who knows how to govern. And I just want everybody to pay attention,” the former presidential nominee said.

Clinton’s fence-sitting statement seemed to be far from her controversial Hulu documentary which she described Sanders as unlikable. “Nobody likes him,” Hillary said in one of the episodes.

Nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done. He was a career politician. It’s all just baloney and I feel so bad that people got sucked into it,” Clinton added.

Based on reports, it seemed that the Democrats are teaming up against Sanders citing his old age as the reason why he would be ineffective. In fact, there were even talks that former President Barrack Obama plans to step in to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination.

Sanders won the Iowa Caucus, with a very narrow lead from gay war-veteran Pete Buttigieg.