The PBS children’s show Sesame Street is about to get some “fierce vibes” with an appearance by LGBTQ activist and actor Billy Porter. The Emmy Award winning actor, known as Pray Tell in the FX show “Pose,” will be wearing the same velvet tuxedo dress he wore to the Oscars on the 51st season of Sesame Street.

Senator Jason Rapert (R-AR) took to social media to ask people what they thought of Porter’s appearance on the children’s show.

“What do you think I should do about this as your state senator? Do you approve of your taxpayer dollars being used to promote the radical LGBTQ agenda?” asked Rapert on Facebook.

Rapert mentioned that he might target funding for AETN, the state’s PBS affiliate which has headquarters in Conway.

“I can pass a bill to cutoff all funding for the rebroadcast of PBS programming through AETN and also stop all funding for AETN altogether if necessary. Fiscal Session starts April 8th,” Rapert wrote on social media.

“I love a lot of the great programming we have on AETN and have been a defender and champion for them,” wrote Rapert. “However, if they choose to allow our state taxpayer funded platform to be politicized in this way, they are going to have to make a decision about who they really serve.”

Rapert encouraged people to sign an online petition to demand PBS drop the episode that features Porter and express their outrage about “Sesame Street’s decision to push drag queens on children.”

One man commented, “Soooo amazing!!!!!!!! Thank you, Billy Porter!! if I had seen someone like you on TV when I was that age, coming out would have been so much easier and happier. Thank you to Sesame Street for always putting children’s development and safety at the forefront. You are still doing so much GOOD, no matter what the ignorant haters say.”

Another person wrote, “Disgraceful! Poisoning the children of America’s minds while stealing their innocence! The Left is grooming our children! Wake up! What happened to education??! I will no longer support PBS! God help us if we ever have a draft.”

What do you think about Porter’s appearance on Sesame Street?