Democrat supporter Mark Ruffalo announced on Twitter that: “One way or another we are going to kick Trump’s ass. #KickTrumpsAss”

Ruffalo who has been a staunch supporter for Bernie Sanders added “Keep your anger, fear, and love where they belong and we will win. All for one and one for all!”

Ruffalo’s tweet was a result of an article from a far-left media outlet Dailykos, which reported that a California-based union, UNITE HERE Local 11, have endorsed two Democratic party nominee, Sen. Sanders, and Sen. Elizabeth Warren for the United States president.

The post read “Today UNITE HERE Local 11, which represents “over 30,000 workers employed in hotels, restaurants, airports, sports arenas, and convention centers throughout Southern California and Arizona,” announced their joint support for Bernie and Warren!” The action-star gave his endorsement to Sanders last December, as he called out for an “economic revolution” in the country. The millionaire actor who had starred in Marvel’s hit movies, Avengers: Endgame, denounced capitalism. As the “blue-collar” boom began under Trump’s leadership, Ruffalo who sits in the comforts of Hollywood posted this tweet, “It’s time for an economic revolution. Capitalism today is failing us, killing us, and robbing from our children’s future.” However, just for the Marvel franchise alone, Ruffalo had earned a whopping $6 million.

The said tweet came with an article from the Time, entitled “How America’s Elites Lost Their Grip.” Based on the article, the author Anand Giridharadas claimed that there is an increasing number of Americans who wish to overthrow the capitalistic society, in which Ruffalo benefits from, in favor of a new system. Back in November, the actor admitted that Sanders’ defeat had even fueled him to support the nominee. “For me, I started with Bernie on this trip and…when I think about it, what I see is, he led and he led then and now he’s leading now. He was never another party, he never had different views about these things. The rest of the United States has finally caught up to what this cat has been doing already for his entire career. And you know that when he gets into office, he is going to be fighting for us!”